Does your dog have Heartworm disease? Here are the signs to look for

Dog owners need to be very careful when it comes to taking care of their dogs. Apart from the regular care, they also need to be aware of diseases in dog like the heartworm. The most dangerous thing about this disease is that it is a silent killer – it is hard to detect until the last stage. Caused by a blood-borne parasite known as Dirofilaria immitis, the heartworm disease attacks the heart of the dog. These worms present in the heart vessel clogs the path and blood flow to the other parts of the dog’s body often resulting in the death.

They can be recognized with signs and with a help of heartworm tablets for dogs they can even be cured.

1. Your dog is tired more often

If your dog seemed less active for few days or often looks tired, then it could be the sign of heartworm disease. Since, the worms block the blood flow to other parts of the body; you dog may become weak over the years. Even the small tasks may seem tiresome.

2. Weight Loss

If you see a gradual weight loss in your dog immediately contact the vet for this could be the sign that your dog suffers from the heartworm disease. The dogs become so tired that even the small task of eating can become a tiresome work. Slowly the dog starts to lose weight and even suffer from anorexia.

3. Difficulty in breathing, dry coughing

Sometimes the parasite may reach the lungs from the heart. This creates the problem of dry cough and breathing problems in the dogs. Like the blood vessels in the heart, the parasites can clog the lung vessels as well. When you see this sign immediately contact the vet.

4. Bulging Chest

As the dog becomes weak with less blood flow in the body, the chest may be bugling as the other parts of the body recedes. This is a serious sign of the disease and must be immediately addressed.

If you see some of these signs in your dog, you must immediately take it to the vet. They may need surgery or heartworm tablets for dogs to recover.  


Author: Vetafarm Products

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